Luu Meng’s Almond Group scores exclusive deal to cater country’s largest convention hall

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Luu Meng’s Almond Group scores exclusive deal to cater country’s largest convention hall
An artist’s depiction of the PH Convention Hall. The facility will be the largest of its kind in the Kingdom once open next year. Luu Meng’s World Dining Ltd has been tapped to be the exclusive caterers for functions. Supplied

Chef Luu Meng’s Almond Hospitality Group has scored the right to exclusively provide catering services to what will be the country’s largest convention hall.

The Cambodian master chef’s collection of restaurants have gained the adoration of foodies and casual diners around the world. Meng hails from a lineage of chefs for the royal court and is considered to be an ambassador for Cambodian cuisine.

He hosted the late Anthony Bourdain when the late food television icon visited Cambodia to document the country for one of his shows and has also taught Gordon Ramsey how to make fish amok.

His culinary empire includes Yi Sang, Kanji, Sevensea Seafood, Uy Uyteav, Kroeung Garden and World Dining, with the latter selected to supply meals to Peng Huoth Group’s upcoming PH Grand Hall.

Meng and Peng Huoth Group Chairman Okhna Thay Chea Huoth formalised their agreement on Monday.

Set to open next year, the convention centre will be part of Peng Huoth’s Gold Star Platinum project and able to accommodate up to 3,000 people. The centre will be built on more than 400-hectares of land on National Road 1 in Chbar Ampov district. Its ballroom will be able to host three different events concurrently. Perhaps most importantly for Meng and his team, the facility also includes a specially designed commercial kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment.

The project marks Peng Huoth’s first foray into the convention hall business. The firm already has a stellar reputation in real estate and commercial development. It expects the PH Convention Hall to be used for weddings, exhibitions, meetings and conferences.

“The Peng Huoth Group selected World Star Dining Ltd because of its established reputation in the food and beverage industry and especially because it is led by Luu Meng, who is not only the chief executive officer [CEO] and founder of Almond, but also one of Cambodia’s most celebrated chefs,” Patricia Ng, Almond Group’s deputy CEO told Khmer Times.

“With such a large hall that will cater to many different types of clients, it was important to the company that the firm that won the contract have the capacity to cater to any event. That requires a variety of cuisines for selection and a professional team that knows how to do the job,” Ng continued.

World Dining can cater to every taste and palate with menu offerings ranging from pizza to sweet and sour ribs.

Dishes from the rest of Almond’s portfolio will also be available and include Yi Sang’s roast duck, sushi from Kanji, Sevensea’s lobster sashimi and a variety of delicacies from Vietnamese Pho and Khmer noodles from Uy Kuyteav and Kroeung Garden.

Credit to (Khmertimes)