We do things differently: through creativity and innovation to enrich lives

Borey Peng Huoth is the property development arm of the Peng Huoth Group and a leading property development company in Cambodia. With experience of over 15 years in building quality community residences, we build with pride to offer our customers, partners and associates the opportunity to grow together.

Our projects, mainly residential development, are built with sophistication and feature timeless designs, using high quality construction materials. Our highly committed teams continue to improve our projects, while we focus on constant innovation as the key to our success.

Green sustainability and a comfortable lifestyle are put first when we build. We continuously offer diverse development projects within strategic locations, crafting masterplans and homes that put health, wellbeing and a sustainable lifestyle of residents first.

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Key Projects

The Star Platinum Eco Delta
The Star Platinum Eco Melody
The Star Platinum Eco Romance
The Star Platinum Eco Sunrise