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To be the model sustainable corporate delivering values to enrich lives.

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Innovate to provide quality products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.

Achieve market leadership and operating excellence in every chosen business sector.

Establish a conducive work culture to attract, retain and develop talents.

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Chairman’s Message

Dear Customers, Partners, Investors and Associates,

Welcome to Peng Huoth Group. We started as a property development company named Borey Peng Huoth back in 2005 and through our efforts and successes, we were transformed into the Peng Huoth Group in 2016, consisting of three key business units: Borey Peng Huoth, PH Construction and PH Investment.

The reason why Peng Huoth Group came to be was to provide a good environment for Cambodia’s future, all while still protecting our previous environment. We build to provide value for our customers and the community with quality homes. Through this, we can enrich the life of the community.

We also strive to appreciate our staff by treating everyone like family because sharing and nurturing are values close to my heart. We believe in a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Please join us to grow together.

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Thay Cheahuoth, Chairman

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